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Housing Construction Jobs Program - Ipswich - EOI - Response Form

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About submitting an EOI proposal


  • Proponent:  All references to the Proponent within this form refer to the applicant submitting this Expression of Interest (EOI) proposal for the Housing Construction Jobs Program (HCJP) in the Ipswich region. 
  • The Department:  All references to the Department within this form refer to the State of Queensland represented by the Department of Housing and Public Works. 
  • Proposal: The offer being made by the Proponent to the Department, whether it is a land offer on one or more adjoining or adjacent lots or an englobo greenfield site for future subdivision and development, or a development offer for the construction of single or multi-unit dwellings.

Important information about submitting a proposal for the Ipswich EOI

  • The information provided by the Proponent in this EOI response form for the HCJP in the Ipswich region, will be assessed by the Department for evaluation purposes.
  • The completion of one (1) response form allows the Proponent to submit one (1) proposal for one (1) development project or one (1) land offer. 
  • If the Proponent wishes to submit more than one proposal, they are required to submit a separate EOI response form for each proposal.
  • There is no maximum number of proposals that can be submitted by a Proponent for this EOI process.
  • One (1) proposal is equal to one (1) development project or one (1) land offer even though the proposal may include one or more adjacent or adjoining lots being offered or to be developed. 
  • A separate proposal is requested for each development project or land offer, where the lots are not adjacent or adjoining.
  • If a Proponent wishes to submit a proposal with multiple sites spread across a single new development, this can be submitted as one (1) Proposal as it relates to one (1) development project. The responses to questions in the Response form should reflect the proposed distribution of sites and delivery schedule.

  • If a Proponent would like the Department to consider alternative development options for the same project site, the Proponent is to submit one (1) EOI response form for each each option or combination of options. 
  • The Proponent is to respond to all relevant and applicable questions in this response form. Questions marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory and a response must be provided. If a mandatory question is not answered, the proponent will not be permitted to submit their response form for consideration by the Department. 
  • The Proponent is warranting that the information in this response form is complete, accurate, up-to-date and not misleading. 
  • If the proposal submitted for this EOI process meets the criteria and requirements outlined in the EOI documents, the Department may contact the Proponent to commence negotiations regarding their proposal. 
  • The Proponent completing this EOI Response form, will be the legal entity that the Department may enter into a contract with, if successful.