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Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative

Submissions are now being accepted.

IMPORTANT: Please read information below to assist you in completing your application online.

The Help to Home - Stage 1 component of this program is now closed for submissions.

Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI)—pre-lodgement form

The QHIGI was established to accelerate the delivery of 6,365 new social homes, through a $1.813 billion investment in a four-year, integrated capital investment program across the State.

We’re seeking partnerships with individuals, organisations, developers and housing providers to deliver more housing for those who need it.

The QHIGI will be developed through three funding initiatives:

  1. The Housing Investment Fund – funding partnered projects to increase social and affordable housing supply.
  2. QuickStarts Qld – a capital investment program to accelerate planned acquisition, new construction and redevelopment opportunities to deliver new homes sooner.
  3. Help to Home – a partnership with property owners, landlords and registered community housing providers to headlease homes to people who are eligible for social housing​. 

All proponents are required to complete this pre-lodgement form as the first step in submitting your proposal for consideration under the QHIGI.

It includes a series of simple questions that will allow the QHIGI Concierge Team to determine the appropriateness and suitability of your proposal before progressing to an EOI and/or Request For Detailed Proposal (RFDP) stages.

The Concierge Team may also provide general assistance to proponents who have questions about the QHIGI, or the pre-lodgement form, to ensure your proposal is targeted to the most appropriate funding initiative.

Any advice provided by the Concierge Team will be based on the information contained in this pre-lodgement form and in addition, questions asked through the QHIGI website’s questions and answers page.

The Concierge Team:

  • will not review any EOI and/or RFDP material prepared by a proponent
  • is not a decision-making body so any advice, provided prior to your EOI and/or RFDP lodgement, is not provided in an assessment capacity.

Proponent information contained in this form will be used in subsequent EOI and/or RFDP phases as a summary report.

Proponents will be asked to provide more detailed information should your proposal progress to future phases of assessment.

At each subsequent EOI or RFDP phase proponents will also be asked to confirm whether the information contained in this on-line form is still current.

The pre-lodgement process is supported by the QHIGI Concierge Team.

Before you start

Review the QHIGI Resources before starting this form.

Have these ready when you start the form:

  • ABN (if you have one)
  • Contact details for you and any partner organisation (if applicable) or authorised agent
  • If you are a community housing provider, your registration details

Next steps

After you submit this form, we’ll review your information and contact you.

You will then be able to amend this pre-lodgement form.

If you choose to lodge a QHIGI proposal, this form will be transferred to the appropriate project team. 

Saving your form

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When you log back in, select My Submissions at the top of the page to see applications you have started or submitted. You can reopen your draft application and start where you left off.

Submitting your form

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If you don’t receive this email (remember to check your spam or junk email folder), your form has not been submitted.

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